We introduce RUBY Time Capsule, an opportunity for our Rubettes to mark this moment in time, reflect & review.

With the immense change that we have experienced in just 10 weeks, we think it is important to reflect on 2020 so far. Like a traditional time capsule, answer these questions about yourself now in the hope that your future-self will learn from your personal growth & insights. But instead of you having the responsibility of digging that letter back up, it’s on us!

We encourage you to answer our capsule honestly, considering what aspects you have enjoyed over iso, what you would like to leave behind and what you’re looking forward to. Your letters will be safely stored with us and emailed back to you in 6 months' time! It’s exciting to think of how we and our world will change in just 6 months.

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We collect basic information like your name & email address etc. to identify who has filled out our form and where to send the form to in 6 months time. The questions asked are for the user to reflect & answer.

What do we do with this information?

This information is stored on a private database to send out the RUBY time capsules. This information is for RUBY use only. If any information is shared, this will be only on RUBY platforms anonymously.